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Industries in which we are active

In Executive Search and Professional & Specialist Search, we focus on the plastics and plastics manufacturing industry, the construction and construction supplier industry, the automotive industry, the machinery and plant engineering industry, private equity, as well as the luxury goods industry.

These highly competitive industries underlie increasing requirements, which we are aware of and able to assess due to our own managerial experience.

Each ‘colleague’ of Kuhnhenn & Kollegen is an independent entrepreneur with at least 15 years of working experience as industry insider that has worked in positions of responsibility and possesses a well-established network to effective managers, that they have personally built up as manager and head hunter. There are more industries that we cover within the team. Please don’t hesitate to approach us.

Depending on the project we put together an interdisciplinary team whose members contribute expertise and experience.

There is always only one contact person for you as the client, who will accompany you throughout the entire project. From our experience, our clients appreciate that every partner is also leading their project, instead of just acquiring it.

Our knowledge and our long term experience as managers, head hunters and personnel consultants, as well as our high level of a network to personalities of these industries enable us to develop and implement effective solution strategies.