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Owner, graduate engineer Bodo Kuhnhenn, born 1962, has successfully finished a practical apprenticeship to become a machine fitter and his studies in engineering.During his studies, he has already been working for a machinery manufacturer, in which he started his professional career after his diploma examination, aged 24.

In the course of the following 28 years, specialist and managerial positions in medium to large mid-tier companies in consulting, sales, setting-up and reorganisation of sales organisations followed, 17 years of which were as a manager, in the management of  companies nationally and internationally, in the active management of investment portfolio companies, in the restructuring and restoration of companies, as well as the placement of executive and specialist positions.

Due to his keen sense for people and their unique strengths and weaknesses, as well as 28 years of working experience, Bodo Kuhnhenn achieved a high level of accuracy in the selection of top executives.

Thanks to his education and practical experience, national and international, Bodo has a distinct comprehension of the interests of the internationally acting producing industry.

His profound insight in various industries allows to recognise analogies.

As experienced decision maker in group-independent medium-sized and family businesses, Bodo Kuhnhenn was confronted with the challenges of our clients himself. Since the beginning of his career he has primarily been working in family run businesses whose language he speaks, and he knows how important it is to adjust to each individual conversation partner sensitively in order to work reliably in the interest of owners.

His main focuses of the consultation of placing executives in the first and second management level are in industrial, family and luxury goods businesses.

Dipl. Ing. Bodo Kuhnhenn