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Effective managers act value-oriented !

Soft skills are the focus in nowadays’ placement of managerial positions with complex requirements.

The specialised know how and the corresponding experience is self-evidently the ‘ticket’ for top executives and imperative.

Egoists and lone fighters, so called ‘ego shooters’ are no longer needed in modern organisations, but integer personalities with personal qualities are. Soft skills have a significant influence on the effectiveness and efficiency of managers.

‘A gram of character can replace a kilogram of expertise!’

The communication skills and team-oriented and trustful cooperation of first and second level management is what nowadays decides about long term international successes.

Only top professionals that have a clear, value-oriented attitude are able to shape organisations for the future. A value-oriented management considers company key figures, market developments, but also the interests of the employees and the needs of the customers at the same time. This secures long term relationships to suppliers and respects the competitions’ performance.

The top professionals of tomorrow also consider the economic development and are aware that their products are only bought when there is enough consumer power in a dynamic market.

In 28 years of working experience, Bodo Kuhnhenn has built up a network of contacts to personalities who not only share these values, but also live them in their day-to-day management.